innochecksum – mysql (mariadb) undo log size 확인

./innochecksum Ver 5.7.14, for linux-glibc2.5 (x86_64)
Copyright (c) 2000, 2016, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its
affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective

InnoDB offline file checksum utility.
Usage: ./innochecksum [-c] [-s ] [-e ] [-p ] [-v] [-a ] [-n] [-C ] [-w ] [-S] [-D ] [-l ]
See for usage hints.
-?, –help Displays this help and exits.
-I, –info Synonym for –help.
-V, –version Displays version information and exits.
-v, –verbose Verbose (prints progress every 5 seconds).
-c, –count Print the count of pages in the file and exits.
-s, –start-page=# Start on this page number (0 based).
-e, –end-page=# End at this page number (0 based).
-p, –page=# Check only this page (0 based).
-C, –strict-check=name
Specify the strict checksum algorithm by the user.
-n, –no-check Ignore the checksum verification.
-a, –allow-mismatches=#
Maximum checksum mismatch allowed.
-w, –write=name Rewrite the checksum algorithm by the user.
-S, –page-type-summary
Display a count of each page type in a tablespace.
-D, –page-type-dump=name
Dump the page type info for each page in a tablespace.
-l, –log=name log output.

Variables (–variable-name=value)
and boolean options {FALSE|TRUE} Value (after reading options)
——————————— —————————————-
verbose FALSE
count FALSE
start-page 0
end-page 0
page 0
strict-check crc32
no-check FALSE
allow-mismatches 0
write crc32
page-type-summary FALSE
page-type-dump (No default value)
log (No default value)
——————————— —————————————-

5.7 버전부터 –page-type-summary 옵션이 있습니다.

[root@osskdb1 ~]# ./innochecksum -S /MARIA/data/ib*

================PAGE TYPE SUMMARY==============
29 Index page
190 Undo log page
5 Inode page
0 Insert buffer free list page
65179 Freshly allocated page
1 Insert buffer bitmap
130 System page
1 Transaction system page
1 File Space Header
0 Extent descriptor page
0 BLOB page
0 Compressed BLOB page
0 Other type of page
Additional information:
Undo page type: 126 insert, 64 update, 0 other
Undo page state: 0 active, 190 cached, 0 to_free, 0 to_purge, 0 prepared, 0 other

innochecksum 툴은 InnoDB offline file checksum utility 입니다.
데몬이 실행중인 상태에서는 점검할 수 없습니다.
점검이 필요한 파일을 DB 서비스중인 상태에서 하려면 파일을 복사한 후에 복사한 파일을 점검하면 됩니다.


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