Persistent auto_increment (MariaDB 10.3 / MySQL 8.0)

MariaDB / MySQL innodb  엔진을 사용할때 서버 restart 하면서 auto_increment값의 초기화와 관련한 이슈들이 있는것들이 MariaDB 10.3, MySQL 8.0에서 변경된다고 합니다.

The timelines of 10.3 and 8.0 will partially determine whether these will be in 10.3. There are also a couple of very interesting contributions that will be evaluated for inclusion in MariaDB 10.3: “Lock wait policy” and “Persistent autoincrement”.

In MySQL 5.7 and earlier, a server restart immediately following a ROLLBACK operation could result in the reuse of auto-increment values that were previously allocated to the rolled-back transaction, effectively rolling back the current maximum auto-increment value. In MySQL 8.0, the current maximum auto-increment value is persisted, preventing the reuse of previously allocated values.


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